Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Maintaining the blog on tour

I'd like to write this blog as I travel. This is convenient and adds freshness to the quality of the writing. I see from the Hostelling International site that most hostels have internet connectivity. I'm not sure whether that means that they provide wireless access or whether they have desktops for use by visitors (as the refuges along the Camino di Santiago do). I could bring along a netbook and write up the blog as I go and upload photos taken with my camera. However, taking another (expensive) item takes up space in the backpack and needs special attention to its security. I'm not sure I can be troubled with it. Perhaps it would be best to keep a paper journal and update the blog when I can, e.g. at internet cafes. There's also something to be said for limiting access to the internet - not least because work can sneak up on you when you are least expecting it and eat into your so-called holiday. No - best to forget regular internet connection and call on it it only when the blog needs to be updated.

Paper journal
After some reflection, I've elected after all to keep a paper journal. This low-tech approach is comfortable and requires next to no maintenance. I'll buy myself a nice Pilot pen (with wet ink) and, together with a slim digital camera, that should be sufficient for the trip. When writing up the blog I can refer to the paper journal to remind me of events I want to post.


  1. Traveling is really fun and memorable! You sure you don't want to miss any fun at a place.

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  2. I'm very much enjoying reading your blog John, especially after having recently purchased a CB500S after many years out of the saddle.

    With regards blogging on the move, I've found the latest generation of smart phones to be excellent for this task. There's a learning curve and some setting up to do, but once done it's very easy to blog, email, upload photos to places like Flickr. As well as Twitter and Facebook updates. Just a thought!