Monday, 6 June 2011

The Italian lakes

I spent the night at a wonderful hostel in Verbania - a large villa by Lake Maggiore set in delightful gardens with views over the lake to the other side. I had the best room in the house, ie dormitory, with its own balcony overlooking garden and lake. Like the previous day in Mulhouse, I was the sole occupant of the room; I find it faintly institutional to sleep thus, but not disagreeable. The staff were very welcoming in the way that Italians can be and fixed me up with an enormous supper.
I went for a walk along the edge of the lake early the following morning and it was quite lovely - no wonder the lakes are so popular with visitors.

Interestingly, I came across two village war memorials close by each other - but created in very contrasting styles. The first, from the fascist era, was in a muscular architectural style emphasising the glory of the state (see left); the second (below) was a much more humane design with a mother reaching out in grief for her lost children. I know nothing about war memorials but I  wonder whether either style exists in England?


  1. A villa on the shores of Lake Maggiore - now that's the life.
    Hardly surprising, but still interesting, that the wreaths on the second war memorial are not made from poppies - is the flower used of similar significance, I wonder.

  2. Speaking of flowers . . . the jasmine is out here in profusion. Many houses have a little of it growing by the entrance to the door. As a consequence, the streets are fragrant with its pefume. I like it.