Thursday, 16 June 2011

Rome second day

Daniel is working on his drawing skills and wants to sketch one or two famous buildings during his visit here, so we set off to find the Pantheon. Again, by walking the streets from Roma Termini and looking at the architecture. Our necks were already hurting by the time we spotted a sign for the Trevi fountain. Checked this out - very stylish but packed with punters so we didn't hang around.

Once at the Pantheon I let the artist get on with it, whilst I read and strolled and ate ice cream. After the Pantheon, we pushed on to the Colosseum. We spent half an hour circling it outside, scoping for a good drawing vantage point for Daniel -without really finding one. Then it was time for the long walk back to the station (more architectural oobservations), a cold shower and another excellent supper. Rome is growing on us.

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