Friday, 17 June 2011

Mare Adriatica arriva

Next day's journey took me to Bari and the Adriatic. How wonderful the sea looks under a blue sky! I had quite forgotten. I took a bus into the old town and had a wander round the lanes there. The buildings are very old indeed and built with a white stone which in the sunshine gave the lanes a wonderfully bright atmosphere.

Already residents, ie. the men, were bringing out their chairs ready to chat with neighbours. Women were calling to their children and the business of preparing supper seemed well in hand judging by the smells and sounds of cooking.  (Does this sound a bit sexist? Perhaps, this is just my male interpretation  of what was happening . . .) In any case, despite obvious poverty, there was a vibrant community here.


  1. You are clearly having TOO good a time. Your Rome missives revived personal memories of my time there in March with Lois, Rob and his wife Polly - fantastic and captivating city. Pleased to see you treated Daniel and stuffed yourself in the process on Friday last - are you putting on weight as you travel such a land of gastronomy?
    Missing my golf partner - but continue to enjoy as you are clearly in the poorer parts of Italy now. LAWRY

  2. Yep, I think I might have gained a pound or two. Can I have a couple of shots added to my handicap, please?