Thursday, 16 June 2011

Rome - first impressions

Daniel, my son, came to share this weekend with me in Rome. We stayed in a hostel 30 mins outside Rome by train.  The hostel building is rather like something that Jack built with odds and sods of buildings here and there. Hot water is availabe in the morning but - curiously - not in the evening. Ouch! However, the staff are lovely and can't do enough for us, provingind an on demand taxi service to and from the station. Cool.

We first met up in St Peter's and did the tour around the sistine chapel and then walked back through the streets to Roma Termini station. Daniel's cuent interest is architecture and we played a game of spot the Fascist building. I won 3-0, if memory serves. I fancy I might have had an advantage having seen many of them before in Italian towns. Certainly, walking the streets (if you'll pardon the expression) is the way to see Rome.

Returned to the hostel to an excellent supper cooked by our hosts.

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